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    Post by Fate on Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:41 am

    The Records are under lock and key so that one is unable to edit it once it has been placed in the record section, this is to ensure no..."improvements" and the like and it is also to keep a record of how many techniques one has left to learn. Because of that and to make it easier on me, please when you train techniques fill out this forum so that I can add the trained techniques into the records.


    [b]Name of Character:[/b]
    [b]Number of Techniques Trained:[/b]
    *E =
    *D =
    *C =
    *B =
    *A =
    *S =
    *X =
    [b]Techniques Trained:[/b]
    Type: (Essence, Style, Conduit)

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