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    The Guardian: Arcturus Voerellis


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    The Guardian: Arcturus Voerellis

    Post by Red on Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:12 pm

    ~Basic Information~

    Name: Arcturus Voerellis
    Alias: 'Daddy'
    Age: Active for 29 Years
    Gender: (Male)
    Height: 6'8"
    Weight: 180kg
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual, for now

    Zodiac Sign: Leo
    Morality: Good
    Starting Alignment: Lawful

    Appearance: Straight away it can be seen why Arcturus would be chosen as a guardian. With his massive height and rather huge, hulking form he could easily protect anyone that he chooses, his shoulders are broad and his arms and legs are thick, rippling with muscles and obviously rather solid bones that make up the majority of his weight. His skin complexion is a pale silvery-blue almost steel in colour that contrasts with the sharp, blood red that colours his eyes.

    Under the jacket that he wears almost all the time, his body is just as heavily muscled as the rest of his body but he usually hides that in order to seem less imposing towards his Charge. His hair about ear length, naturally done in sharp spikes that do not grow out and is a white colour, usually it is hidden though due to his clothing. Of the few other noticeable features of his body are the enlarged canines that he possesses and finally the almost abnormal amount of body hair that coats him from his hands to his back to his chest, something that most males apparently lack on most occasions.

    As for his clothing choice, that could easily be described as 'secretive'. He is usually found wearing a thigh length greatcoat in either a dark grey or a dark green colouration that hides up to his nose and everything else down to his waist. His hands are covered by a pair of thin black gloves and his bottom half is a pair of combat trousers done in an arctic colouration. Oddly his back has slots already mounted on it for weaponry to connect to and these slots poke through his jacket. Besides this, a pair of black boots, socks and a dark green cap that hides his hair complete this look, meaning very little apart from Arcturus's eyes are actually visible.

    Personality: Silence would be the most prevalent section of Arcturus's demeanour. He very rarely speaks at all except to his 'Little Sister' and even then it is usually only when something extremely important needs to be said. Other than this he always communicates through hand signs and gestures, pretty much playing charades in order to get his main points across, completely defering any writing utensils for some reason.

    When it comes to his Charge, whoever that may be, he is very friendly and protective towards them, putting himself in the way of attacks and even getting in the way of emotional harm, forcing the bully to focus upon Arcturus rather than his charge. It is not know what went wrong in Arcturus to make him behave as such as he will protect his charge no matter what, even if they are a human, a Nova or another Zireh. If Arcturus does not have a charge he will actively seek one out and prefers females under the age of ten to guard and protect.

    When in combat there is actually very little of a change. He keeps his charge to the back and focuses on protecting them and dealing sudden bursts of massive force, prefering to defer to diversion tactics or complete avoidance of combat at all lest his charge be injured during such a thing. As it is obvious, protection of the Charge is top priority and very little else matters more than that, not even personal survival.
    - Protective
    - Amicable
    - Silent

    - Secretive
    - Silent
    - Intimidating

    Birth Place: Germany
    History: In every batch, no matter what is being made, there is always those that are flawed. Perhaps it may be obvious at first, like an essential part missing that just completely stops it working. Or mayhaps it wasn't so obvious? A small part that isn't the same or maybe a little loose wiring, that happens more often and it isn't realised until later, perhaps much later.

    Arcturus was part of that flawed production line. It wasn't obvious at all at first, he was just another Yoroi and was going through the motions of being a Yoroi. He was normal actually, a manual worker, used for lifting large loads around and moving things to places and just labour. He wasn't anything special, if life continued like this then he would never really be special at all, but of course life didn't continue like this.

    Very quickly the world devolved into war, so quickly that Arcturus barely understood what was going on as he had a weapon thrust into his hands and was told to kill those that once told him what to do. He never really had much free choice to begin with so maybe serving another, especially one of his own race, wasn't too bad? That is what he done, he fought for the Zireh and he didn't back down, not at all. Whenever he could he killed the humans, no mercy, no remorse, just following orders wherever he could. They meant nothing to him and he was naught but a target for them, so why should he care at all? He was efficient, he was strong, there was nothign that could stop him.

    Apart from the flaw. The flaw was activated when he was on his own, walking down a broken street, corpses surrounding him and blood forming into pools. That was when he saw her, the little girl. She was human, msut only have been six or seven years old from what he could tell. He should've killed her on the spot, that is what he was ordered to do, kill humans, and yet he would not raise his gun. It was not a conscious thought that stopped him but perhaps it was a little bit of loose wiring? A wrong connection, a failed solder? Arcturus didn't know but he did know that he couldn't kill this little girl, not even if he wanted to. So he done the opposite of his commands, he protected her. He took her along with him, killing those that needed to be killed, those that attacked him, and he started to kill those that attacked the little girl... Even fellow Zireh, he killed them because they wanted to kill his friend, the only person that cared... He learned after two weeks that her name was Jade.

    Everything went downhill from there, the end of the war was coming, the darkness was going to descend and everyone was running. The humans to their Stasis Pods and Zireh to their Preservation Barriers, Arcturus had to go to one and Jade to the other. So he made a radical choice. First off he cleared out his own Barrier by slaughtering everyone in it, he then used his knowledge to re-route some of the power to one area, a stasis pod that he had taken from elsewhere and mounted Jade inside it before activating the pod. Once the Barrier was up, Arcturus fell asleep, his hand resting on Jade's pod, keeping her company through the years.

    ~Special Information~

    Race: Zireh
    Species: Yoroi
    Personal Specialization: Tank
    Special P. Specialization: N/A

    Conduit Type:

    Preferred Combat Style: Spear

    Preferred Weapon Style Sub-Type:
    * Spear - Gunlance

    Essence Focus: Restore

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    Re: The Guardian: Arcturus Voerellis

    Post by Fate on Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:58 pm

    Pick one Preferred weapon style, but everything else checks out you are approved.

    Please add your Essence & Styles to the Technique Registrar, note you do not have to put up all of your Abilities now you may do so at any time you wish however you can only make techniques for those which have already been approved.

    Whenever you are ready, make your introduction post within Demeter.

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