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    Before you do Anything. Read this.



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    Before you do Anything. Read this.

    Post by Meimu on Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:51 pm

    Welcome to Elemental Dissonance..all that fun stuff.

    Anyways before you start and read through the countless amounts of text that Fate went and typed out you need to know these general things for roleplaying on this forum. These are listed below:

    1. Length
    Elemental Dissonance is Paragraph to Multi-Paragraph with a bit of Novella on the site. If you can't constantly post at least a paragraph (5-7 lines) then you will be told to edit repeatedly until you are able to meet the quota. There is a reason for this, a paragraph should be the least amount you can put into a post which will allow others in the rp to figure out whats going on.

    2. Pking
    Elemental Dissonance is open world survival, meaning pking can and will happen, there honestly just no getting around that, luckily there are way to bring your character back from the after life and likewise still rp as your character once they have passed on. Likewise those who pk often will obviously have a name for themselves around the land if say one of their potential victim gets away. Above all else the Creators and Fate are watching, if you want to go on a slaughter spree killing newbies left and right be my guest but you'll eventually find out that karma is a bitch.

    3. Maturity
    Elemental Dissonance is a Mature site, it's not PG 13, if anything it's like a videogame Rated M, blood violent and everything too graphic ends up getting blurred out but you know the general gist of whats happening. It's something like that except when it comes to mature things you can't speak of it directly, use allusions, word play stuff like that or if your writing skill isn't up to par then fade to black and leave it to one's imagination.

    4. Diction
    Okay, admittedly not everyone has a college degree in English, some people even have it as their second language, we aren't going to be anal about it, just put periods where they are supposed to be, use a comma once in a while, space out your paragraphs and above all else when you want to talk give some identifier so people can know the difference.

    Common identifiers are.
    "Quotation Marks"

    If you like use two or three as long as we can tell that okay out of that block of text he or she is saying this or that. Simple enough right?

    5. Meta-gaming, God Modding and Other trivialities of rping across the board.

    Look, I get it, as much as we say this, it always ends up happening in some way shape or form. So we are going to cut you some slack, do it once, you get a warning and you go edit, do it twice you get another warning you edit. Do it three times however you won't get a warning and Fate will simply Admin Rape your character resulting in it's death.

    See isn't that a lovely system? None of that do this and you get banned, honestly that's just excessive. If you fall out of line, we pardon you twice and when we punish you the only thing you lose is your dignity and that character you attempted to play God with.

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