Elemental Dissonance

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Post Apocalyptic Blend of Action and Survival.

    The Human Diaries (Jcink)


    The Human Diaries (Jcink) Empty The Human Diaries (Jcink)

    Post by Elijah(guest) Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:47 pm

    The Human Diaries (Jcink) Nucs

    Winter is now here, Christmas time is just around the corner. But does this mean peace in this small town? Or is trouble still brewing amongst the angsty teens? In a town of underage drinking, teen pregnancies and rebelious children, it's hard for things to remain peaceful, even during the holidays. Christmas break is about to start, where will you go for the holidays? What will happen when all the college students return home? Will long lost family members be coming to town? Up to you to decide. Some of the students are still suffering from PTSD after Last year's hostile take over, but some, have found ways to cope and move on. Will your person?

    We have plenty of want ads open for anyone wishing for instant plots. Fun family environment and lots of drama llamas who love to stir up a bit of trouble. Nearly a year old are you ready for, THE HUMAN DIARIES?


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