Elemental Dissonance

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Post Apocalyptic Blend of Action and Survival.

    Fragments of Time

    AdMod Cissi

    Fragments of Time Empty Fragments of Time

    Post by AdMod Cissi Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:20 pm

    Fragments of Time QA5gMTP
    If a clock could count down to the exact moment you fall in love, would you want to know?
    AU London, England · 2014 AD · Binary/Non-Binary Soulbond · 50+ Characters

      No one is wholly certain when the first person born with a Soul Mark came into existence, nor why they had to exist in the first place. For millenia, as far back as the histories and record books and every other written work of human knowledge go, these marks have existed. Clocks, the modern day world calls them, living tattoos of pitch black that marks the flesh of one arm or the other. It's always moving, always changing, reflecting the ideals and thoughts and emotions of the person it belongs to. But one thing is certain and one thing is the same regardless of the person. That Clock? It's counting down to the most important moment of your life. The moment you fall in love with your Soul Mate and two souls forever bond to become one. Sometimes it's perfect, a fairy tale, everyone lives happily ever after. Sometimes it's torture, two personalities forced by inescapable attraction to work together when they clash so terribly. Sometimes...? Sometimes the Clocks break and freeze - leaving the Soul it reflects forever lost and alone. Death causes that, they say. Death of that person's Soul Mate, too soon and too sudden. That is all one can hope for when they grow old enough to understand and watch that ever-ticking Clock. Hope that your Soul Mate is someone you truly can love. Hope that your Clock never freezes. Hope that in the end, you find your happily ever after.

    These are all just Fragments of Time.

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