Elemental Dissonance

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Post Apocalyptic Blend of Action and Survival.

    The Hammel Institute (LB)


    The Hammel Institute (LB) Empty The Hammel Institute (LB)

    Post by Hammel Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:55 pm

    The Hammel Institute (LB) 2z6dllf

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    The Hammel Institute, hidden away in northern Vermont, has a secret. It's not just an elite boarding school like everyone pretends it is. There, young meta-humans are learning how to use their powers and get along in a world filled with baseline humans. The school and the town nearby are a haven for metas, but unless they want to stay in Pilot Ridge forever, they need to learn how to control their abilities.

    Hammel is an active, friendly site with a wide variety of characters and member-created plots. We accept characters of all ages and types, but we are looking for teachers and officials for the school, and female and non-gender binary characters in particular!

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