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    Underneath the Silence (jcink---witches town)


    Underneath the Silence (jcink---witches town)

    Post by Mollyy on Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:38 pm


    Hollow Creek, Kansas

    Population: 13, 269

    The town of Hollow Creek is extraordinarily unique in that its population is nearly entirely made up of witches, including several powerful covens. While fleeing the persecution of the Salem Witch Trials and elsewhere in the world, the covens found their way to the small town and took up residence, building a sanctuary with the aid of the Elders Council who protect its secrets. Centuries later, the town flourishes and the covens continue to exist with no one the wiser to their peculiarities, though others have drifted in and darker entities have taken up residence due to the magical footprint left behind.

    A mysterious illness known only as the darkness threatens the town while old rivalries create new bitterness. Generations old families and newcomers alike attempt to co-exist within the town torn by power struggles and weakened by a gradual population surge. Will you become a driving force in saving the town? Or will you be among the forces at work to destroy it?

    **Our first mini event of the Winter Solstice ball is occurring so still time to join us before the trouble begins.**

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