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A Matter of Perspective: An AU Marvel/Gargoyles Crossover RP



A Matter of Perspective: An AU Marvel/Gargoyles Crossover RP

Post by RobAMOP on Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:38 am

When science cannot explain what we fear… When mutants, monsters, and magic exist…We find ourselves in a new age of darkness.

A Matter of Perspective is an AU Marvel/Gargoyles Crossover that features elements of each fandom while merging the two into a new yet vaguely familiar world. Forget what you thought you knew…

If you’re tired of playing in worlds where everything is so black-and-white, and where the X-Men are always the plucky heroes then we have just what you need! We also offer…

+ Multiple usergroups - some familiar, some new - featuring unique twists for versatile factions open to interpretation
+ Choose from a variety of races such as human, mutant, mutate, gargoyle, new olympian and more
+ Opportunities to rewrite your favorite canons in novel ways - and a chance to break from traditional canon and continuity
+ Equal footing for original and canon characters to get involved
+ Character-driven stories
+ One-shot site events (no massive site-wide plot threads!)

We are an intermediate to advanced role-playing site with no word count, set in present day Boston, Massachusetts.

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