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    Tibo Nocturo

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    ~Basic Information~

    Name: Tibo Nocturo
    Alias: n/a
    Age: 19
    Gender: Mostly Male
    Height: 6 ft 1
    Weight: 68 kg
    Sexual Orientation: Mostly Female

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    Morality: Neutral
    Starting Alignment: Natural

    Appearance: Much like all Nova do, Tibo’s appearance was based solely on his birthplace. Having been born in the Glacier Islands, his body has suited itself to work in harmony with its original surroundings. Generally most ¬Dakar Nova are thick, bulky and strong, however in Tibo’s case, and the case of his family, they are more slender and slim, practising in lean and dense muscle rather than sheer power. Their body is made for a combination of speed and grace, allowing bursts of movements rather than simple starting and acceleration.

    Tibo’s skin is fair, almost as pale as white itself, standing to be only a few shades away from the very colour of snow, making his muscle definition difficult to see in light, however makes it stand out when against darker colours. His hair, even lighter, White as any cloud seen in the sky. It is long, up to his shoulders in length, usually either tied back into a neatly done ponytail, or left rugged and wild, left to flow as it pleases. In terms of facial exressions, the one you see above is quite rarely shown as that is his ‘serious’ face, refer to personality for more on that, however, usually his face is more relaxed and calm, happier in a sense, yet that does not ruin his near perfect complexion which is seen all over his body, almost able to be mistaken for Order.

    In terms of fashion, Tibo has little. His general attire consists of a mixture between his own native clothing, and the clothing of another species which he had found on a body many years ago. He wear’s what were once boots, now turned into sandals over the weathering they received due to overuse. From his ankles to just below his knees are wrapped to stop the pants from getting caught by the wind when running. The rest of his lower body consists of knee guards, a lion cloth they of thing and a white furred belt which sticks out on both his sides.

    Tibo’s upper body is very pirate-like, Line sleeveless light armoured vest, followed by numerous straps all round and a satchel across his chest. His undershirt is native, a white short sleeve on one arm, and long black sleeve on the other. On his visible hand, he wears a native wrap glove, and the other, an armoured wrist glove from the rest of his unknown make clothing, fitted with claws for each finger. A hood was pinned onto this by his people, white of course, and just to top it all off, two necklaces are ALWAYS worn. Once native, tight around his neck and fitted with a diamond, and another claw necklace, loose and usually hidden.

    Personality: There are three different ways in which Tibo acts, each with its own advantages, disadvantages and odd interests. Overall however, Tibo is almost unpredictable. His movements, words and ideas never seem to follow a normal pattern making long conversations next to impossible as he would get distracted by himself so easily. Tibo is also quite intelligent, in fact, almost at a genius level, yet this is never shown as he finds wisdom and perception far more useful than anything else his mind is capable of, in fact, his own mind acts as nothing but a hunderence in situations where he tends to over evaluate everything. Everything else will depend on his three sub division of personalities. The Sober, The Drunk and The Angered.

    The Sober Tibo is his normal self. There isn’t much of a difference between this and his Drunk self. When no under the influence of any intoxication, Tib’s is calm, relaxed and positive. Of course, his mind will evaluate every one of his senses and constantly plan, solve and overthink a lot. When Sober, he will rarely go with his gut feeling and always move with a sensible course of action. However, overall, he is a pacifist, never wanting to engage in anything besides sex. His desire to socialise is quite strong, despite race, appearance or action, he will do his very best to befriend anything, be it creature, deity or tree.

    The Drunk Tibo is similar in the sense of Pacifism. He is not dangerous to those he meets, and will do his best to leave a positive impact, however, when drunk, you could say Tibo is far more relaxed and calm, so much so that it can be considered almost dangerous to not just himself, but those around him. Common sense and thought is absent, and all that remains is a gut feeling, doing only what feels right. When like this, Tibo tends to be more comedic, more wise?, more sexually frustrated and of course, just plain dumber.

    The angered Tibo is very, very different. It can transition from either of the other two, and acts almost like a click. If an individual seeks to harm any part of nature which exists under Tibo’s self proclaimed protection, he will stop at nothing to put the threat to waste, and all who could be potentially tied to this threat. It will use a mixture of both thought and natural action to give an ultimo balance for combat use.
    - Genius
    - Sociable
    - Calm Pacifist

    - Drunk
    - Over thought
    - Personality clicks

    Birth Place: Zues, Glacier Islands
    History: Zues was an uncommon place for Nova to make their home. Many make their sanctuary in the Demeter, however this particular group did not. A few generations before Tibo’s time, his ancestors had fled after being exiled from the Demeter for turning their backs on nature, following instead no Deity. Occasionally some would find their home with one of the other two forces, and some would return to their home. The group separated into two smaller groups, Order and Unknown followers. Order went to the Glacier Islands, which the unknown went elsewhere. Years down the line of the family tree, the group of Order had become more open, accepting those of various other faiths, excluding Chaos. Tibo’s mother, Theresa, was aligned with Order, while his father, was with Nature.

    Due to this split life, Tibo’s faith was put to question. His entire earlier life was based on the teachings of his mother, grooming him, keeping him neat, and showing him the way’s one should live, by living in order. For 6 years, he was a forced follower of this force he never truly loved. Coming onto 7, he began hunting with his father, learning about plants, animals, the ground even, everything. He was born to follow it. Nature was his true calling. At 9, he found his first herb capable of granting him a trip. At 11 he had an arsenal of plants which could mess with your brain.

    Little after 12, those who left in the original spilt, returned. Their descendants now followers of Chaos. They sought to kill all those born to order, which unfortunately included Tibo and his mother. Due to their appearance and blend with the natural environment, they were able to hide in the vast snow, and escape little after, well, at least, some were capable. Whatever remained of the group, split, all going their separate ways, leaving Tibo with only his father as a companion, as they headed home to Demeter.

    It was at Demeter that Tibo became what he is. He trained himself not just physically but mentally to protect those he cared about. He wanted to ensure he never lose his father. While his father would hunt, Tibo would run off, meeting with animals, seeing new areas, and practicing his combat arts, eager to test it out. During his ventures, he met Depsen, a Kelbi. The Kelbi which had an odd stripe running from its stomach to is lower back and tail. Every day, Tibo would seek to find the Kelbi, feeding it and eventually managing to tame the creature to such an extent it was unbelievable.

    One day, whilst running through the woods with the beast, he came across a body, it bore odd clothing and a face he had never seen before, not even of his species. In its hands was a blade, catching the attention of the bewildered boy with ease as he striped it from the dead things grip, about to hack at the tree behind him when he froze. An arrow zipping past at hitting his Kelbi friend right in the heart, killing it instantly. The sheer shock was enough as his hands wraps tighter around the sword. The hunter hadn’t yet seen him, so he would surprise attack to gain revenge. As the hunter neared for its prize, he jumped out, blindly swinging the blade as it dug halfway into the man’s neck. Once Tib’s opened his eyes, he let go, allowing the blade to hang from the hunter and he fell back, tears boiling. It was his father.

    Five years down the track brings Tibo to the current time. He wears a mixture of his fathers and the bodies clothing. Carries his fathers bow, and the bodies claw glove. Living with nothing to protect besides the beauty of nature itself. A Nomad in Demeter. He spends most of his days too intoxicated to think, and the other’s training and overthinking, unsure about what to do with his life.

    ~Special Information~

    Race: Nova
    Species: Dakar
    Personal Specialization: Style Focus
    Special P. Specialization:n/a
    Sect: N/A for now

    Conduit Type: n/a

    Preferred Combat Style:Bow

    Preferred Weapon Style Sub-Type:
    * Long Bow
    * Long Staff

    Essence Focus:
    * Animate

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    Re: Tibo Nocturo

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    Approved but replace the deer with a Kelbi. There aren't any normal animals in this world all of them are extinct.

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