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    Size && Scavenging.



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    Size && Scavenging.

    Post by Vixen on Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:32 am

    Size Chart.

    Small - Below Human size
    Medium (S) - Human size and up to the size of a small horse.
    Medium (M) - Horse sized to the size of a large SUV.
    Medium (L) - The size of a Tank
    Medium (XL) - the size of a monster truck.
    Large (S) - the size of a one story house
    Large (M) - the size of a two story house
    Large (L) - the size of an Olympic swimming pool
    Large (XL) - the size of a football field
    Colossus - the size of a golf course.

    Depending on the size of the creature numerous materials can be harvested from it to make equipment and other things which can aid your survival, likewise hunting creatures for food is a worthwhile option as their flesh is usually more satisfying in terms of stamina replenish than fruits and nuts, unfortunately when not preserved just like fruits they rotten and when bloody they can attract predators and other scavengers by scent.

    Small Creatures have 5-15 Scavenging Materials
    Medium have 20-30 Scavenging Materials
    Large have 35-45 Scavenging Materials
    Colossus have 50-60 Scavenging Materials.

    When harvesting materials from creatures one still uses the chance of success however there is more leeway than normal scavenging for gaining resources this way.

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