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    Rave Sakarau


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    Rave Sakarau

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    ~Basic Information~

    Name: Rave Sakarau
    Alias: Cross
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 153
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus
    Morality: Neutral
    Starting Alignment: Chaotic

    Appearance: To describe Rave's appearance, we will begin with his attire, more precisely his shoes and work our way up. Then we will move onto his physical appearance, consisting of hair color, eye color, skin tone, etc. Starting from his shoes, Rave wears a pair of gray cloth boots, which reach up to his knees. The style of the boots is that of clothed straps that reach up to the point the boots end. The cloth straps are a  lighter gray color as to not confuse the straps with the boots itself, but remain the dark aspect his attire is attempting to give off. Tucked into his cloth boots, and covering the rest of his legs, are black cloth pants. These pants are slightly baggy, known within the world before the war as straight fit pants, not to baggy but not to tight, just the right fit. Positioned around the right leg over the pants, is another strap of a light gray coloring, equal to that of the straps on his boots. This strap has a hold on it, facing outward, which is capable of holding a single dagger or short sword of minimum length. Around his waist he wears no belt to hold his pants up, they just naturally rest around his waist that one is not needed.

    With the completion of his lower body, we now move onto upper body attire. His upper body is quite simple but complicated at the same time, as it can be described in one word, straps. Rave wears a sleeveless breastplate type armor. But this “breastplate” is not common among any types of armor, rather one can say it was specially made for this new era in the world. The “breastplate” consists of a multitude of leather straps, starting from his waste and going to his neck. Being straps there notable gaps in between their sequence but that is all of what makes this style interesting to him. These straps are mainly for show if looking at Rave from the front, once the straps go towards the back they connect fully creating a proper breastplate back. Covering his waist and the lower area of his abs, are more leather straps, but these straps in the form of belts which are used to hold his blood red sash against him. Around both of his arms are further leather straps with varying lengths in both of them. For his left arm, the straps only reach up to his elbow, while on his right arm the straps reach a little above stopping only inches away from his shoulder.

    Getting into Rave's more physical appearance, his skin tone is a natural tan similar to what one would find in an Egyptian. His eyes are actually quite interesting, as one could never mistake them for any other color, and is most likely the part of him which doesn't seem right. The color of his eyes are a teal color, a quite light teal at that, as stated the part of him that just doesn't fit. Rave's hair is unruly, reaching down to his neck, and a dark brown color commonly mistaken for black. He does have a goatee but he lacks the mustache to have a complete one, which he doesn't mind in the least.

    A little more personal, Rave has a total of four tattoos at the moment. The first would be found on his right arm, which consists of two tattoos put together, they were not drawn on him at the same time even though it could have been. The first part of it is a cross with spiked edges, the cross not being equal as the lower part is noticeably longer than the upper. Outlines within the cross was added to give it a more elegant appearance. Drawn behind the cross is the second part of his first tattoo, which is a Taurus symbol. This symbol was drawn so the middle section of the symbol would be the cross itself, and so the horns of the Taurus symbol would cup Rave's shoulder, while the upper tip of the cross would rest inside the open area. These two tattoos, when together, can be said to be one, which Rave says they are one, but if a person wanted to be specific they are two separate tattoos, bringing the total number of his to five instead of four. The second tattoo is placed on his left ab and stretches to his back. This tattoo stems from where he was raised more than personal belief, even though his first tattoo does not show off any personal belief other than it looks cool. It takes the appearance of two Mardi Gras masks, with a type of stripped pattern going from large to small, with a couple of swirls and points. Cutting the image straight down the middle, as in Rave's lower left side, the bottom mask would find itself on his front side, while the upper mask would be drawn on his back, the respective additions being placed where they must. His final tattoo would be found on his left upper arm, about the same place where the straps on the right end. Going completely around his arm are “V's” both right side up and upside down, in that order, till they completely the sequence around his arm. Placed about an inch above that, close to his armpit, is another tattoo, of some ancient symbols he found somewhere. He doesn't really know what they mean but they went well with the “V's” around his arm.

    Cross Tattoo (without background):

    Taurus Tattoo:

    Masks Tattoo:

    Personality: Rave, Rave, Rave, how is the best way to go about describing him. A good method would be to describe how he acted before his “hibernation” and compare it to how he would act in this “new world,” but since Rave was one of those people who was born in the wrong era, this new world happens to suit his personality quite well resulting in little to no changes. Starting with a quite outward trait of his, Rave has a tendency to say whatever he wants to whoever he wants. This does raise the idea that Rave is disrespectful, to some degree he is, but that is not the reason for his lack of control. The real reason for the way he speaks is because he is quite honest and very blunt about it that it comes out as disrespectful. Regardless of how it comes out he will never filter himself due to his reasoning for being honest, which thanks to his don't ask don't tell policy, if nobody asks he will never tell.

    Probably not the best trait for either worlds, but something Rave possesses is his recklessness. To say the least he does whatever he wants, which comes from his love of violence, destruction, and other things along those lines, for the reason of because it is fun. This coupled with his blunt way of speaking tends to get him into trouble, especially when he becomes interested in something. Before getting into that it must be noted that Rave is actually quite lazy. This laziness is not without reason as it stems from the fact that he is almost in a constant state of boredom, not many things interest him and most things that do can only hold his attention for small amounts of time until he has accomplished what he needed to through that interest. Because he is bored Rave usually is never fully using his intellect or abilities, hence why he tends to prolong some battles which he believes might interest him, for the ones he just wants to end quickly he does. Back to the subject when interested Rave will tend to ignore the world until whatever he is interested in has been solved, to put it simply he is completely focused on whatever has interested him.

    Even though Rave is reckless about his own life, he refuses to risk the life of others no matter what. This happens regardless if he is highly focused on something or not. Its self-appointed moral to keep those around him safe even when he is being reckless. This also leads to him keeping secrets from others to protect them. But these secrets aren't really hidden rather when asked he does tell, but never tells everything, so its not a real lie rather its not the whole truth. That is kind of a weakness for him, as he will do everything in his power to protect those he cares about. At the same time that is why he is a chaotic neutral alignment, if those he protects are threatened, everything in his power will be used to utterly crush those who threaten them. Underneath his blunt and seemingly not caring attitude he is actually quite caring. In this new world that probably holds not merit, but Rave doesn't really care for many people so it works out for him.

    From his mother, Rave has gotten a good amount of pride and stubbornness, sometimes the two being the same thing when portrayed through him. Concerning his stubbornness, he is very hard to convince when his mind has been set. Bringing in some pride, he doesn't initially look down on others, rather he is completely secure with his own power, which coupled with his boredom, tends to come off as him looking down on his opponents even though he is probably just not concerned with them. All of Rave's traits when combined tend to have him come off as an asshole, this is something he admits quite often actually. But he is the type of person called an asshole for constantly telling the truth, in the end that is most likely the reason he proudly calls himself one. Just know the best way to get to know Rave is to interest him, and keep his attention.


    Birth Place: Violet, Louisiana
    History: Rave's story would begin with his parents, two AI created by humanity with the lack of independent thought, such a shame for such advanced technology. The mother was a AI created for the medical field, to help further humanities immunity to the most common and some uncommon diseases. The father an AI meant to further the defensive industry, on the small chance that some kind of war would break out. The country these two were located in were quite different, Rave's mother being in America, while his father was in Egypt. Being an American doctor, his mother didn't really move around as much as his father, but his father traveled around the world a lot. In the old world the places he would have visited were Russia, China, Japan, and America, the visits happening in that order.

    When the meeting of the two occurred, it was in the state of Texas, on one of their many military bases. Rave's mother still a civilian, only met his father by the off chance that she was his nurse for a routine check up. That is however not the way they got together, as Rave's father didn't even get her name during that encounter not that he was trying. Their next meeting would be back in America but a year later in the former state of Colorado. Again it was on a military base but the conditions in which they met were different. Over the past year Rave's mother had joined the military under their medical division, in order to serve her country or at least that is the reason she gave. The two would meet in a briefing for a mission, one that would take them into foreign territory the rest of the specifications being classified. Due to the details of the mission being classified no real detail can be given on what they done but after the mission is when they started to date. Two years later the two would wed and a little after the wedding, during the same year, Rave was born in Louisiana.

    Because of the pregnancy his mother was able to take a leave from the military, while his father continued on active duty not without protest from his mother. Not much really happening during his early years, we will restart our story at the age of 9. Also during the the time skip in our story, Rave's parents got a divorce, that heavy protest between staying in the military and leaving it caused more of a rift then one would expect. In the end Rave would be put in the custody of his mother but giving his father visitation on the weekends. At the age of 9 Rave would be spending most of his time around his mother's friend's children. Getting into trouble like most kids his age do. When he would actually see his father, he would take him to visit other states or countries, all with consent of his mother, to widen Rave's view of the world. Over the next few years, Rave would spend his time going to school, playing with friends, spending time with his father, and trying to keep men away from his mother. Upon turning 17, or that age in appearance to the world, Rave was in the trial of getting his mom's permission to join the military. It was only natural that she was completely against it, not just due to leaving the military a couple of years prior but also due to not wanting him to be apart of that life wanting better for him. She did finally fold however and gave her permission, in which Rave was off to training with the Army.

    A brutal couple of months of training followed, he had an idea of how tough it was but could never really imagine going through all of it. During his training months Rave had gotten his pilot's license, his father having gotten him into planes by taking him to several air shows across the world. Rave was not one to join an aerial squadron though, he wanted to be on the ground where the real fighting took place. Leaning more to ground combat, Rave's first assignment was to suppress extremists who had plans to attack America in Africa. Rave's specific unit consisted of 6 men, but the total amount of people who participated in this mission was about 36. Upon arrival in Africa, on an American base, the unit was debriefed then sent on their way to the designated area almost immediately. The battle would start almost immediately as the unit rolled into the designated area, with the lead car being destroyed by a rocket. One could say the fight lasted for hours and would result in Rave's units victory in perspective of the higher-ups but a failure to all the one's who were there, only because 36 went in but 10 came out.  

    And things only got worse from there as during the time of combat, Rave's mission, the AI Zireh Union was formed and they had successfully removed themselves from everything human, rather they had waged war on humanity. For Rave who had just completed a mission for such humans this hit home more than it did with others, as Rave's unit was basically sent there to die. They were composed of all Zireh and were given no support, if they failed they would all be annihilated if they won they would survive, it was only them. With that knowledge Rave quickly joined his brothers to fight against the ones who oppressed them. He would meet the human's on multiple battlefields across the world, surviving each battle but thinking about his parents half of the time. His mother and father also joined the Zireh Union, in the medical unit and on the front lines respectively. He would not see much of his mother but he did meet up with his father, actually on his final day in the old world.

    They were both assigned to the same mission, assault a human airbase so the bomber can get in and well bomb the humans. One would think that Rave would go on to successfully complete his mission and complete the annihilation of the human race, well that was how it began but the end result was Rave being shoved into some kind of barrier and shutting down. This was actually the plans of his mother, she may have not seen her son but she was sure to continue protecting him. Finally learning of his location she made quick plans by making the case of Rave being an asset in the future if the plan went south. The higher-ups agreed with her, from Rave's track record and before he could leave for the mission, other Zireh would tell him of the plan, which caused his immediate disagreement in the form of a struggle. That led to him being forced into the barrier then the world going black. Rave is not aware of how much time has past or what has happened to the outside world, as just today he is rebooting due to whatever conditions is causing him to return to the world.

    ~Special Information~

    Race: Zireh
    Species: Cypher
    Personal Specialization: Sensor
    Special P. Specialization: N/A
    Sect: N/A

    Conduit Type:

    Preferred Combat Style: Sword

    Preferred Weapon Style Sub-Type:
    * Dual Blade

    Essence Focus:

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