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    Sara Gakido


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    Sara Gakido

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    ~Basic Information~
    Alias: Gakido
    Height:1.65m (5"5'), 55kg
    Weight:55kg (121 pounds), lean
    Sexual Orientation:BI

    Zodiac Sign:Gemini
    Starting Alignment:The Balance of Nature

    Our woman is a well proportioned and elegantly build woman. Curves on the right places, pretty face and a fair skin along with perfect blonde hair, Sara is considered as a beauty in her home town.

    She is of average height, a little bit too light on the weight and her body is covered with perfectly sculptured muscles, light scars littered all over it, from the battles she has fought before.

    Wearing always black, she is quite the creepy figure on the other hand. Refusing to let go of a look she has sported for decades, Sara is very strict and dislikes clothes with useless decorations and add-on. She is a practical fighter, refusing to be bothered by weird sleeves and having to waste Essence to remain hidden in the night.

    Although she always wears black, she is always neatly clothed, ready for all sorts of situations. Despite being a rather disrespectful person, she does believe in first impressions and thus clothing and appearances are important for her.

    She is also quite the expressionless person. Smiling is something quite foreign to her and most of the time time, she'd express anger or disbelieve by a simple frown or raise of the eyebrow. Tilting her head and remaining staring blankly at people is also her trick to have them actually think about what they just said or have them reasoning before she answers a useless question.

    One would actually say that she has a myriad of small expressions that one would only notice once observing her. But otherwise, she is known to be a real statue - without emotion on her face.


    This lady is not someone to take sides. She likes being neutral, keeping her words to herself, even plot in her own little world. If you ask her to choose between two people for example, she'll always find a way to not to answer it. Because no matter what, she won't play favorites or bow to ultimatums. She doesn't believe in such things when they have to apply to her.

    You got drama in your life? She doesn't care as long it does not cause any troubles to her close friends or herself. She has her priorities and will keep herself to them. So if she lacks any personal attachment to anything, do not keep it against her. It ain't personal.

    Iron Fist
    Sara i is a harsh leader. Let's face reality: if she allows one person to get away with something, everything will go wrong. And she certainly does not pay attention to frivolities or niceties. She wants people to do their jobs, and do them properly. Break the rules, pay the consequences and no whining allowed. She doesn't make exceptions, could care less if you got the best Yoso out there, as long you are a shitty fighter who does a shitty job, you won't get anything out of her but irritation and disrespect. If you do your job well, congratulations. You aren't useless to her sect and might get something good out of this partnership with her. You want an extra, undeserved favor? Go back to sleep, you scum.

    Even though she is a harsh and demanding woman with no manners, no tact, no personal interests and isn't the kindest leader to get along with, she is still reasonable. She knows when to stop being stubborn, when she has to comply. She also knows when to change things for the best, when she should stop being a moron and actually do something. Really, give her some time and argue things with her properly, between adults, and things will go much more smoothly.

    Sara is a patient woman. She has to be, in this world and her stubbornness. And she can wait for long periods of time, until she finally decided it is the right time to act. And yes, sometimes, it will seem like she's doing it for nothing - but then, you aren't her dad or deity and don't know everything. Sara knows what she's doing and will never, ever allow the ship to sink to the bottom of the sea. And if it does, she will single handed bring it back to the surface.

    Although uninterested in your random Bob's personal life, she is still someone who remains close to who ever has become her friend. She keeps those close, behind her, being as a shield for her family and beloved companions. She will not tolerate anything done to her Sect either by others from the other sects and certainly will not accept people disrespecting them. She could care less if you insult her, because she knows that most of it would be true. But she does not accept others being given the same names as she.

    Although a liar by times and a person you wouldn't like that easily, she is honorable. Once she gives his word, she keeps herself to it (well, when it is for something reasonable really). She will do what is honorable when the situation calls for it and is even ready to sacrifice more than one could imagine to make sure everything ends well.

    She is an intellectual person, thinking things out, mulling over things before making decisions. Hating making mistakes, Sara is a careful person who keeps on forcing herself to learn more things and to understand the world better around her, even though without having to change herself as well to better adapt. She still thinks that she is the center of the world and finds that the world should simply evolve around her interests and not the other way around.

    Sara is a stubborn woman, full of willpower and a strong head on her shoulders. She is head strong, always striving forwards and doesn't allow herself to be tricked. Mental fights are challenges for her, that she will hold onto until she wins. She rarely backs down from an argument, and has nothing against a good puzzle to figure out.

    Secret Cuddle Monster:
    Even if she is quite masculine in many aspects, Inokai is still a woman. And loves hugs, physical contact, good conversations and romance as well. Treating her friends with extra attention and pouring some kindness through her blunt manners, she knows how to make sure to keep her friends happy. Which often brings her to be unable to make the difference between a real friend and someone who uses her for their own benefit. Although unbeatable on a political and commercial sense of speaking, when it comes to herself and genuine friendship, she is at loss and an easy target.


    Stiff Neck
    Sara is a stubborn woman, who does not like her habits being interrupted or hear people wishing for her to change. Disliking new things in his life, she has hard times to adapt to new faces and new personalities around her. She is also acts like a mule whenever something doesn't please her. She will do whatever she wants, despite it not being sometimes the right path to take.

    The woman is not one to sugarcoat anything. Nor to give the proper honorifics to anyone or to even treat everyone in the same way. Despite not being impartial, as long you are not a personal friend, she will not call you by the name you wish and will hold absolutely no reign on her language. And do not think she doesn't mean any of what she says. She uses little amounts of words, but each thing she says has a reason to be.

    Birth Place:New Orleans
    From Childhood through a War:
    For a woman to be born in a family who hoped for a son, it isn't an easy task to live in. It is said that in certain distant countries, baby girls are being suffocated with the hull that surrounds the rice and with which the rice paper is made. It didn't get that far for Sara, but it could as well have been the same for her. Oh, she was not neglected or mistreated, far from it. But she sure was fooled for quite a few years.

    When parents are desperate enough to get a strong heir, they are most likely ready to do anything to have their child look perfect. Sara was not spared from such obsession and thus tried to be turned into a boy by having her being named, raised and educated as one.
    She would never know the joy of playing with dolls or weary pretty clothes as the other girls would have, nor know the softness of a continuous woman's presence in her life. She was taught to fight, to guide, to reign over a clan and maybe a village in her older years.

    If she looked back on those years, Sara would say that it were the easy years, despite never having been coddled or treated as a girl should be. But then, she hadn't real troubles either and sincerely enjoyed learning to learn fighting, dressing like a boy and own little soldiers as well as getting fish flags risen in the sky for each 3rd March, on the day of the children's festival and for her birthday. In fact, it was till she decided to finally act like a girl that her parents had acted the kindest and most natural around her. As if they had managed to have them believe themselves that she was a boy after all and were outraged that she dared to wish for a more feminine life.

    It was when she entered school that she finally realized why things were so strange in the family's attitude towards her, but as well as the fact why she never got permission to play outside of the familiy's houses.
    Even with her short hair and boyish manners, she looked far too much like a girl to even fit in. Her body had never taken the looks of that of a young male, despite the harsh training and the heavy work of her parents to have her being clothed like one.

    Sara learned from day one not to try to mingle with the other kids. She was too different of mind set, too strange, too different to fit in. And she didn't question it either. Having learned early enough that many answers came while waiting and acting, the gloomy girl learned early enough that her parents weren't the healthiest out there mentally speaking, nor the most trustworthy. And thus decided to shield herself from them, for her own sake, while making sure that they wouldn't just yet collapse from the shock of knowing that she discovered she wasn't a boy after all.

    She was a loner, not to mention quite silent as well. Good student, having decent marks and making sure not to make herself stand out too much, she was just the perfect 'son' for her parents.
    She came out seventh of her class, right in the middle of being on par with the better students and yet not standing out from in the middle of the less fortunate ones.

    When a war is over, it is not easy to regain your former lives. In fact, you never can, as your habits, character, entourage has changed more than enough to disorientate you completely. It felt that way for Sara, when she woke up the first morning when the war had truly stopped.
    She always woke up, in the middle of the night, breathing hard, remembering things she would have preferred never seeing or feeling as if she was being called for the front, once again. But each time, she would set her eyes on her small room and breathe out a sigh, her heartbeat finally receding.
    She will always remember that war as the worst one she had ever seen in her life. Nightmares would still haunt her and she would still have a strong sense of paranoia keeping her on her toes.
    It also became difficult for her to act normal. She had no idea of what to do, say or react to people, as she was always nervous and first suspecting danger instead of accepting that they were now at relative peace.
    Eventually, feeling that it was her call after all, Sara signed up for the Army, taking her position as silent shadow soldier of the usa. It was there where she finished cultivating the personality she has now, making of her an "ice queen", closing her heart up quite tightly and becoming the strict no-nonsense person she was. And unlike her friend Nara Rin, she quite enjoyed the new life.

    She had been a woman of the shadows so far, observing, making herself scarce and simply useful. No loud noises, no implications in dark plots. She had played being the perfect tool for usa. But now it was time to slowly change it with the world decimated by the nuclear war and Sara beginning to wake up, everything else is an adventure.

    ~Special Information~
    Personal Specialization:Mentalist
    Special P. Specialization:Beast-master

    Conduit Type:

    Preferred Combat Style:Axe

    Preferred Weapon Style Sub-Type:
    Essence Focus:
    (Hybridization of Essence)

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