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    Vixen - Style Record

    Post by Fate on Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:40 pm

    Vixen wrote:Major Style

    Style Name: Symphony of the Damned
    Damage Focus: Style
    Classification: Support
    Weapon Focus: Horn
    Range: Mid
    Description: Symphony of the Damned incorporates music and focuses on creating discord in those which hear it's tune while using the discord wrought to as a means to strengthen the machinations of it's weaver. Music works as an outlet to strengthen and weaken others and channel the user's Restore Essence into healing themselves and others around them as long as they are in sync with their tunes.

    1 Major Style Left

    Minor Style

    Minor Style Name: Tempo of the Dead
    Damage Focus: Reap
    Classification: Defensive
    Weapon Focus: Hunting Horn
    Range: Mid-Long
    Description: Tempo of the Dead is based on the principle of calling back the souls of the dead from the afterlife using one's blood as a payment to do so. While incapable of manifesting the physical body of others their souls are capable of being brought back and can be infused into new homes which are usually the result of Necromancy or Reanimation giving them a firm anchor in the living realm. Where as their body can be hurt by physical things, the souls brought back can only be harmed by things which use Spirit or Deity due to already being dead and likewise can not interact with the living world unless through a medium which is their body. The user is only able to communicate with them through music and call them back and those which are firmly against heeding this call will require living sacrifices to forcibly bind them to the user. Because of this price it is not meant to be used on random and requires preparation before being able to be used reliably in battle.

    Minor Style Name: Disharmony of the Non-Living
    Damage Focus: Status
    Classification: Offensive
    Weapon Focus: Hunting Horn
    Range: Short-Long
    Description: Disharmony of the Non-Living is specifically focused on targeting the damage output of weapons and weakening them while in battle. These melodies ring out through the battle and influence the Status physical damage of weaponry while leaving everything else untouched allowing the user to wrought havoc when faced against things of that nature. Likewise it is more useful when used against numbers as a majority of these melodies produces revolve around spread damage to deal with clusters of enemies and their overall effectiveness is reduced when dealing with smaller numbers of targets.

    Minor Style Name: Discord of the Living
    Damage Focus: Status
    Classification: Support
    Weapon Focus: Hunting Horn
    Range: Short-Mid
    Description: Disharmony of the Living is meant to stow discord in others and feed off of this discord to benefit the user in numerous ways resulting in healing and strengthening of their creations as a result of their Animate Essence. Likewise it is specifically made to be used to harm others with Animate and Restore dealing harmful status effects on their creations and being able to reverse the effects of their restore on others and themselves. While it is not able to affect the victims directly to cause them harm or benefit the user's body directly it mainly focuses on weakening their Animate & Restore Essence based abilities as well as being highly effective when used on greater number of targets while suffering when used against low numbers.

    3 Minor Styles Left

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