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    Alister Phoenix


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    Alister Phoenix

    Post by Alister on Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:04 pm

    ~Basic Information~

    Name: Alister Phoenix
    Alias: (If any)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Zodiac Sign: Aries
    Morality: Neutral
    Starting Alignment: Nature

    Appearance: Alister wears goggles on his cap for whenever he drives around on his motorbike (Before it was destroyed in the nuclear war), and to look through dusty places. By looking at him, you would think he was just a normal person, but that's what he wants you think. He has the speed and agility from being in the marksmenship club at his school. The clothes that he wears are the ones that he often wears when he is working on something in the workshop (and that's all the time when there's nothing else to do).

    Personality: Alister likes creating things that he finds useful so it can be used the way he sees fit. He is also determined to do something even if it's dangerous. He is also adaptable, but you wouldn't be able to know just by looking at him. He likes helping people that are in trouble or lost since he likes creating maps for where ever he goes.  He hates not having anything to do. He's also stubborn when he just has to get something that would get him killed, and he hates going to places that are not interesting to him.

    * Pros
    - Creating things
    - Determined
    - Adapting

    * Cons
    - Being Bored
    - Stubborn
    - Hates going places that don't interest him

    Birth Place: United States

    Before the going into stasis, Alister was a college student working on his mechanical engineering degree. He was very fascinated with it so much that he decided to take as many classes it would take to learn everything about it. He was also part of the Marksman club where he was a second in command behind the leader who was very good, and the Scavenger Club which was a requirement for engineers because anything that is broken can be fixed. One day, when he was heading to his dorm from his last class, he heard the evacuation alarm that sounded every time a hurricane or something dangerous around school was going on. Suddenly, a crowd of people started running towards him with scared expressions on their face. Alister started running away from them and looked up to see helicopters landing to escort the people away from the campus. Of course, Alister was one of the few in the helicopter, but it was all a ruse. Once Alister sat down, a soldier knocked him out with the butt of his weapon. When he woke up, he was inside a stasis chamber, looking through the glass, he seen the soldiers that put him there, and started knocking on the glass. The soldier looked at Alister and then pointed to what he was sitting on. Alister looked down and seen a note, and then picked it up and started reading it. It was a letter from his parents. He can tell because of the insignia on the letter and five books . Dear Alister, we're sorry we can't come with you, but this is all we can do for you right now.A nuclear war is happening, and we are helping to put a stop to it. I know you were hoping to finish your studies, but your father and I compiled a list of books that you can use. It has everything you need to know about engineering so don't slack off. Where ever you end up, just know that we love you so much, and don't forget your training. Always remember the Phoenix creed "Rise from the ashes to begin anew" Alister wasted no tears and said the creed "Rise from the ashes to begin anew. That's why I wanted to become an engineer. To fix what the broken and begin anew!" He puts the note in his pocket and the soldier presses the button to put him into stasis and plunge him underground where he was one of the few to be there to live on as an nuclear war survivor.

    ~Special Information~

    Race: Human
    Species: Base
    Personal Specialization: Sensor
    Special P. Specialization: Engineer
    Constellation: Chamaeleon

    Conduit Type:

    Preferred Combat Style: Bow

    Preferred Weapon Style Sub-Type:
    * Longbow

    Essence Focus:

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    Re: Alister Phoenix

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