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    Lexiane of the Scorched Earth


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    Lexiane of the Scorched Earth

    Post by Vixen on Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:48 am

    ~Basic Information~

    Name: Lexiane
    Alias: Vixen
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 90
    Sexual Orientation: Sexual

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer
    Morality: Evil
    Starting Alignment: Chaotic

    Appearance: Vixen is something of a rarity among Prime Nova, where as most are typically slender and delicate and are quite tall, she is short, more buxom and seems to be in very good shape. A superficial look honestly as although her body is in actually very good shape for a Nova she still possesses the fragility that is common among Prime. She inherited her mothers build as she was a female Dakar an a powerful woman who had decided very early on that she didn't need to assistance of another to help raise her own child. Perhaps the most distinguishable trait of hers are her ears, this is something that she shared with her mother but her ears are rather small for a Nova and the point isn't narrow but rather broad similar to an arrow head.

    Due to this Vixen was raised in Hades and has a very dark complexion due to constantly being subjected to the suns rays and the intense heat from the volcanic rock, that combined with the ash settling on her skin has unnaturally tainted her skin color from the rich pink of her mothers to a vibrant purple. Not that she minds either way, she has both of her ears pierced along with three additional places which aren't available for the public eye's viewing.

    She typically wears partially revealing clothing covering the areas that need covering and revealing those that don't. Likewise her clothes are usually made out of dried out skins taken from rotting carcasses and treated with salts so as to remove some of the scent, while masking her own scent under it. She likewise wears decorative jewelry comprised of small bones and she is quite fond of hallowing them out to make make shift drinking items and the like.

    Personality: Vixen is highly flirtatious and her moral code is rather lacking, while she doesn't go out of her way to harm people everything she does or ever will do is always in her own interest and self gain and she doesn't particularly care about the outcome when it comes to other people. She is very observant and can quickly deduct when a situation will not go in her favor however she is drawn to beautiful things and is slightly discriminate to ugly and flawed people. In her own eyes beauty is the best trait one can have and she takes very careful care of her body eating specific things so as to maintain her rich youthful appearance.

    She finds it rather difficult to connect to others and can never make any long lasting relationships with others due to being unable to feel any empathy for them. While she makes up for this by flirting with others she is only interested in sex rather than companionship and the sooner she gets what she wants she has no qualms with leaving her former beaus to die. She likewise can not keep a stable relationship as new things attract her and she will "trade up" for those things which seem to be more worthwhile in her eyes.

    It is the combination of these things which results in her being seen as Evil to others, while she is by no means "Evil" in the stereotypical meaning of the word she isn't out to help others and will always look for her own personal benefit in any given situation. Likewise this selfishness extends to her own self-preservation as she will sooner sacrifice someone than risk her own hide no matter the so called "bonds" that she has cultivated with them. She is not cowardly on the other hand she just prefers not to be in situations where she is the one being harmed, however when necessary she will fight to almost her last breath and promptly run away so she can live to fight another day.
    - Flirtatious
    - Calculating
    - Manipulative

    - Selfish
    - Apathetic
    - Vain

    Birth Place: The Depths, Hades
    History: Vixen, was born to a woman by the name Ceres who had rebuked all attempts by her father to assist her in raising their child. She viewed him as weak considering her was a male prime, and she had only slept with him because he was quite beautiful, even attracting those of the same gender as him. She on the other hand passed as average but made up for it by being a skilled combatant and had managed to force him to bed her mainly to hopefully pass on his appearance to her offspring.

    Ceres was an idealist believing in self dependency and forced growth and maturity and her daughter was born within Hades, her mother having traveled there while she was pregnant with her for the sole purpose of raising her child in that location for the first stages of her life. The reasons were simple, a child growing up in such a harsh environment would be forced to learn quickly lest they perish out of a bout of carelessness and most of Lexiane's young life involved her learning how to survive on lower amounts of water, scarce resources and scavenging on the kills of predators when she could.

    Her mother rarely helped unless she was at the brink of death and only to the point where Lexiane would just survive and not anything more than that. This gave her a strained relationship with her mother and rather uncaring and selfish as she had ever since she was a child learned how to only truly rely on herself. Eventually when Lexiane was 5, Ceres took her back to Demeter before abandoning her with the instructions to seek her out if she hated her that much. Lexiane on the other hand didn't actually hate her mother, she just didn't like her and once she left set out using, her skills to survive in this new but resource filled environment on her own. Even as a child she had been observant and good at hiding from predators and the like, after all in Hades the careless were eaten by predator or by lava, either one.

    Over the years she decided to change her name to further separate herself from her mother and forget her past though some part of her always yearns to go back to Hades and confront her mother, but at this moment she knows it would merely be suicide. She isn't as sharp and wild attuned as she used to be, or rather she isn't used to Hades unpredictable environment anymore nor does she have her mother keeping the actual threats away from her. Regardless she has decided to try and figure her own path to survival, as grudgingly as she would admit it, her mother's way of raising her was a blessing in disguise and in terms of sheer tenacity others are hard pressed to match her.

    Vixen currently is somewhat knowledgeable on plant life, as well as resources mainly as she prefers to scavenge rather than hunt, that's not to say she can't hunt but she has gotten used to merely surviving with the leftovers of others gathered and then turned into delicious food through the careful addition of berries, fruits and nuts that she forages for. Her lifestyle is peaceful for the most part until she needs to be violent, and often she has found herself in situations where she can merely slip out of danger rather than confront it directly. To this end she is constantly exploring new places and observing new things as she instinctively knows that knowledge begets survival, after all it is that survival knowledge that kept her from eating poisonous mushrooms as a child and so far, it hasn't failed her yet.

    ~Special Information~

    Race: Nova
    Species: Prime
    Personal Specialization: Mentalist
    Special P. Specialization: Scientist
    Sect: Sect of the Shinigami
    Constellation: Phoenix

    Conduit Type:

    Preferred Combat Style: Horn

    Preferred Weapon Style Sub-Type:
    * Hunting Horn

    Essence Focus:
    Necromancy (Hybrid Essence)

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    Re: Lexiane of the Scorched Earth

    Post by Fate on Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:03 am


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