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    Sect of the Ayatsuri


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    Sect of the Ayatsuri

    Post by Fate on Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:39 am

    Name: Sect of the Ayatsuri
    Idol: Thread
    Faction: Zireh

    Doctrine: "From the dawn of society there has always existed two sets of people, the ones which manipulate the threads society is held up by and those which simply hang by the balance, it is quite obvious which set of people one should aspire to be."

    Key Essence: Manifest

    Ability List

    Name: Bindings of the Ayatsuri
    Type: Manifest
    Classification: Support
    Description: By infusing essence one is able to weave threads around those who fall prey to their illusions causing them to be halt in place as they are ensnared in threads and bound in their mindscape making them incapable of motion in reality. To maintain this immobility is tasking the more the victim fights against it reducing it's efficiency when the victim is aware that they have been trapped.

    Current Derived Abilities (Hybrid Essence)

    Name: Puppetry of the Ayatsuri
    Type: Manifest + Animate
    Classification: Support
    Description: A deeper state of illusion which can be used to assume direct control over another's body through the use of Manifest & Animate Essence simultaneously. By manipulating those under their illusions they are able to coax them into physical actions and manipulate them against their will. This is a taxing endeavor however and while one can brute force there way into controlling others it drains essence rapidly to maintain such control. Rather a more refined subtle approach is preferred relying on offsetting the individuals perception while pulling the strings from the background.

    Current Derived Abilities (Minor Essence)

    Name: Puppetry of the Ayatsuri: Linked Essence
    Type: Manifest + Manifest
    Classification: Support
    Description: Those who they have assuming direct control over are not only useful as direct combatants but rather one can even make use of the abilities inherent to those minds currently caught within their threads allowing the use of any of their essence related techniques. However if one doesn't possess the means to do such it results in it becoming double the price likewise they can merely just force the victim to use their techniques themselves.

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