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    Sect of the Shinigami


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    Sect of the Shinigami

    Post by Fate on Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:27 am

    Name: Sect of the Shinigami
    Idol: Bone
    Faction: Nova

    Doctrine: "From the moment one is conceived their body undergoes changes, growth, modifications, tried and practiced evolution which guarantees our survival, it is due to this that one's existence should not be dependent on some higher power as the actual reason for our continued survival lies within our very bodies."

    Key Essence: Restore

    Ability List

    Name: Constitution of the Shinigami
    Type: Restore
    Classification: Support
    Description: Early on it was discovered that one can use essence to heal the bones of others, set them in place and even enhance them so that they could not be harmed by the same amount of force ever again. Though this one is able to repair the damage to the skeletal systems of others and manipulate the density of their bones whether to enhance them to trigger the growth of the cells which comprise them.

    Current Derived Abilities (Hybrid Essence)

    Name: Skeleton of the Shinigami
    Type: Restore + Transmute (Hybrid Essence)
    Classification: Support/Offensive
    Description: Through the growth and modification of the cellular structure within one's bones the end result is the ability to shape the very framework of an individual into a destructive weapon. One is able to use their Restore Essence in conjunction with their Transmute Essence to strengthen their bones and cause them to grow out of their body while soothing the pain of such forced growth.

    Current Examples of Derived Abilities (Minor Essence)

    Name: Skeleton of the Shinigami: Cancerous Growth
    Type: Restore + Transmute (Hybrid Essence)
    Classification: Support/Offensive
    Description: This is the utilization of essence to stimulate uncontrollable bone cell growth in victims body causing an increased intake of nutrients resulting in cancerous growths and the gradual death of the victim if these growths aren't permanently removed from their body. Likewise one is able to create specific growth patterns which result in varying effects and dormancy times before they are triggered.

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