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    Sect of the Shikigami


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    Sect of the Shikigami

    Post by Fate on Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:07 am

    Name: Sect of the Shikigami
    Idol: Paper
    Faction: Human

    Doctrine: "One does not exist without a definite record of their life and achievements, that which isn't recorded fades away and that which is recorded and isn't preserved crumbles to dust just the same."

    Key Essence: Animate

    Ability List

    Name: Origami of the Shikigami
    Type: Animate
    Classification: Support
    Description: The manipulation and animation of paper into various shapes in order to mimic living things, create objects and build structures. The Origami created is capable of being controlled by the user directly while feeding off of their essence to keep their machinations active likewise by feeding essence into paper more can be produced allowing them to make large powerful structures from simple slips of paper.

    Current Derived Abilities (Hybrid Essence)

    Name: Realism of the Shikigami
    Type: Animate + Manifest
    Classification: Support & Offensive
    Description: This is the use of Manifest Essence to breath even more life into the origami one is able to create allowing those which encounter them to see them, bleed, breath fire, give birth and other things of that nature as long as the creature the origami is shaped into can do so. In actuality none of these things are actually there however to those affected the illusions are quite real and they essentially think that they are real due to being able to actually be hurt by the origami constructs.

    Current Derived Abilities (Minor Essence)

    Name: Realism of the Shikigami: Human Mimicry
    Type: Animate + Manifest
    Classification: Support
    Description: Through the use of careful observation mixed with animate of origami and the weaving of illusions one is able to replicate others out of constructs of paper. This mimicry is strengthened to the point that those which encounter it can be completely unable to discern the difference due to abilities, scents, voice, all being replicated and experienced through the illusion. This only becomes even stronger the more one knows about a specific human individual they are attempting to replicate going as far to mimic mannerisms combat styles, even memories of certain events if they had bore witness to it or have gathered enough information of those involved to seem as if they were in actuality that person.

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