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    Forum Rules

    Post by Fate on Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:26 am

    Welcome to the Forum, I merely have five rules, if you follow these rules the amount of problems you'll have will be scarce. You don't follow the rules and life on the forum will be a living hell or will end abruptly in the form of a ban. You have been warned.

    Rule Number One.

    I can not stress this enough, information and rules are put up for a reason read them. Read them twice, read them three times and then only then can you ask when you do not understand. There is a difference from asking a question and asking a stupid question and I will always know whether someone has read all the information available based on how one asks the question.

    Rule Number Two.

    This doesn't mean obey without question it just means listen to advice and be respectful. If you have arguments take it to pm's and don't have them on the main chat box. It's just not fair to everyone else on who just want to have fun. Being respectful also extends to the rp, it's not fair to others if you simply drop off the face of the earth with no word or do not post regularly then why bother trying to rp with others in the first place.

    Rule Number Three.

    This is a paragraph style, mature role-playing forum. Meaning in short, topics can range from a PG-13 format to an NC-17 and above. This also means posting one line or below 4 lines per post is an offense. It isn't hard to make a paragraph it is also not hard to have at least passable diction. I understand you won't be graded but at least try. This also means when you do post, don't auto hit, meta-game or double post in the standard rp. It's annoying and it is unacceptable.

    Rule Number Four.

    You can be in up to three IC topics at once, 1 in either the Lawful or Chaotic Dimension, 1 in the Natural World and one for plots only. Chronologically speaking Lawful and Chaotic Dimensions are Liquid time, Natural world is present if no plots are going on and Plot topics are the most recent. In addition, do not make additional accounts for alternate characters, simply list your characters in your signature and rp as them. Training Topics and OOC topics are past and liquid time respectively.

    Rule Number Five.

    Occasionally on the forum things will be added or updated, I don't believe in stagnancy the forum will always continue to grow. It is for that reason even if you have read the information it is always good to refresh yourself on them every now and then, I'm not saying every day but once every two-weeks a read through would be nice so that you do not miss any major updates. Note to make it easier I will be posting up potential updates in the news section a week in advance.

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