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    Value System

    Post by Fate on Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:18 am

    There is no such thing as money in this world rather trade is done by barter, one item of value exchanged for another depending on the demand of such items. On the other hand there are things which are universally accepted of being items worth trading for and it is through these items that the Value system is built upon.

    Onyx - Lowest
    Diamond - Highest

    In terms of Equivalence, it is generally accepted as follows however during the course of the the rp these values can change as a result of plots and other things like natural disasters or finding a deposit of these gems.


    = 5 Onyxes  

    = 4 Sapphires
    = 20 Onyxes

    = 3 Rubies
    = 12 Sapphires
    = 60 Onyxes

    = 2 Emeralds
    = 6 Rubies
    = 24 Sapphires
    = 220 Onyxes

    ^ Using the above chart one can see that Onyxes are the least valuable and are typically used in exchange for E-C rank items where as Sapphires are used in exchange for B rank items, Rubies are used in exchange for A rank items, Emeralds are used in exchange for S rank items and finally Diamonds are used in exchange for X rank items.

    Note Gems are not currency and while they are valuable it is not a guaranteed trade by having them, rather gems are typically used as a last resort for payment if the individual has nothing else to trade and occasionally may not be accepted as worth trading for.

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