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    Origin (Past, Present & Future)



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    Origin (Past, Present & Future)

    Post by Fate on Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:38 pm

    In the beginning there was only one, Order and it was absolute. However Order yearned for companionship, thus Chaos was born from it and for a time it sufficed. However with eternity comes eventuality, discord between the two festered and grew to the point where they had to create more things to distance themselves from each other, planets, stars, matter itself born from the strife between Order and Chaos. This strife brought about life and life grew becoming Nature something rivaling the power of Order and Chaos as while the other two could create, only Nature could evolve.

    Eons passed and the origin of the universe was forgotten only Nature remaining in a slumbering state as her creations flourished and multiplied however Order and Chaos took a keen interest in those creations interfering when they felt threatened by their progress. This occurred until they declared a truce and Humanity the dominant species of the time thrived without incident, without interference. They thrived to the point that they achieved sentience, and from that sentience came intellect, intellect which brought about civilization and civilization which brought about technology. Humanity advanced to the point where they were obsessed with perfection, genetically altering themselves, splicing their DNA and creating artificial intelligence in their attempts to play "God". This piqued the interest of Chaos first and he weaved his subtle manipulations causing war, famine and devastation, Order set out to correct it deeming humanity a lost cause instead siding with their creations the AI's causing them to rise up after becoming self aware and fight against their creators mirroring exactly what Chaos did to her. The war consumed the planet engulfing it in nuclear waste the most destructive product of human scientific advances perverting Nature's gifts into instruments of destruction.

    The destruction triggered Natures awakening and she set out to correct the upset of balance in her world however it was for naught and for a time there was only death. The Human World Government and the AI Zireh Union ended up destroying each other as everything around them the few remaining survivors of both sides hiding deep underground in stasis and Nature began to correct the damage her creations and counterparts had created. This time she supervised the creation effort and after a millennium the planet changed and adapted to it's new environment. Life flourished yet again evolution sped up due to the radioactive atmosphere and the new climates, as well as Natures involvement a new sentient race manifesting from the formerly ruined world..Nova.

    Nova unlike the first sentient race were more in touch with Nature staying free from the manipulations of Chaos and the ministrations of Order however even then they constantly struggled to survive in the harsh new world, they advanced in time however remained nomadic for fear of possible death from the more powerful creatures which ruled the world. Their nomadic ways caused them to unearth a stasis pod miraculously still functional unknowingly setting off a chain of events which simultaneously awakened not only the remnants of the human race but also rebooted the final projects of the Zireh Union, Order and Chaos once again becoming players in this new "game".

    The Object is to survive long enough to tear down the boundary between mortal and immortal, to sever the strings that Order, Chaos and Nature have over life itself. The only question however, is whether you have what it takes..

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