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Natural World

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ZeusZeus is a mountainous region located in the far north (East due to the planets shift in axis) and features an intensely cold climate and an almost constantly cloud covered sky. It is home to a host of storms and intense winds which ravage the area forcing life to adapt to the seemingly unpredictable environment. The mountains are comprised of all dormant volcanoes which have long since been covered over by a mixture of ice and sediment. The Zeus mountain peaks are the highest in the world some being so far up in the sky that breathable air becomes consumed by the upper radioactive atmosphere to give the mountains a luminescent glow at night.

Tundra, The Alps, Glacier Islands

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PoseidonPoseidon is the largest sea and covers 55 percent of the natural world mostly comprising the upper half of the planet and completely isolates Zeus from the rest of the continents. However part of it does spread down to middle of the continent in particular rendering Hermes likewise isolated. Upper Poseidon has a primarily frigid climate and is never calm constantly cycling with various storms, whirlpools or tidal waves. Lower Poseidon is calmer and is warmer and likewise is located as sort of a barrier between Ares, Demeter and Hera. Because of this it is the host to the more dangerous sea creatures as its tough environment has facilitated their growth and subsequent evolution to survive the harsh waters.

Frozen Island, Polar Sea, Disastrous Island, Underwater Ruins, Oceanic Caverns, Lush Isle, Steam Island

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HermesHermes is a relatively small continent in the middle of the lower half of Poseidon which is covered in a temperate forest. In comparison to the other continents Hermes is located significantly above sea level the entire continent itself also being likened to a plateau of sorts with a river system which runs deep underground. Due to its isolated nature the wild life of Hermes are unique and aren't found anywhere else in the world.

Scattered Isles, Primeval Forest, Great Waterfall

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DemeterThe second largest continent, Demeter features a tropical environment with lush jungles and is teaming with wild life. Demeter is also the continent where the Nova primarily make their home due to the abundance of food sources and natural resources. Despite this their population doesn't affect Demeter mainly due to the wildlife factoring Nova into the ecosystem. Demeter has two major seasons, the first being rainy and the second being dry with the rainy season lasting longer. Demeter neighbors Hera with the two only being separated by a massive river which divides them in half likewise Hera is a bit higher up than Demeter is resulting in it's slightly colder climate.

Lunar Caves, Overgrowth Mountain, Ruined Forest, Flooded Lands, Tower of the Ancients, Scattered Jungle

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AresAres is the largest continent and serves as the border between Hades and the rest of the world, it's weather is primarily high even at night despite decreasing several degrees, in order to cope with the intense temperatures creatures have become primarily nocturnal and often dwell underground or have evolved to waste very little water to avoid dehydration. Occasionally Oasis's can be found within Ares the water atypically being warm due to surrounding area absorbing heat from the sun.

The Underground, Walled Coast, Gorge, Sandy Plains, Sunhallowed Desert, Arid Sea, Rocky Cliffs

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HeraHera is constantly blanketed in fog and is the result of the remnants of the nuclear war, the continent itself has been adversely affected resulting in a swampy toxic environment. Wildlife has adapted to filter out the poisonous elements out of not only the air but the water they drink from. Zireh surfaced on this continent not hindered in the slightest by the toxins filling the environment however they constantly struggle to locate resources in the harsh environment. Hera occupies the East which is in actuality North due to the planets shift in axis.

Shrouded Swamp, Murky Depths, Sunken Forest, Forgotten Lake

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HadesHades is located in the far south of the planet, which due to the planets shift in axis to be in actuality West. In comparison to Zeus which is a frigid tundra, Hades is filled with magma and littered with numerous active volcanoes due to the sun's rays constantly heating the continent. Like Hera it is blanketed in fog however it is a mixture of soot and ash from the volcanoes and the areas near Ares have normal visibility.

The Depths, Mt. Cataclysm, Magma Sea, Ash Peaks, Blazing Hills


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